Da Hu Tong 大胡同商业区

One stop solution for all . A market where you can get from needle to rafting boat . Perfect place for personal shopping and wholesale marketing too . paintings, printing work, Clothes, shoes, stationary , toys, Outdoor and indoor games equipments, Soft toys, kitchen utensils etc.
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Warning – Please take care of your wallet, phone and other valuables here. Loads of pick pockets waiting for an easy payday. This place is huge so watch for faces that keep reoccurring.


Wenzhou City Clothing Wholesale Center

A good center if you want to make deal in clothes after Dahutong. If you are good in dealing you can make nice deal here and get good variety in clothes .
Address – Zhong HuanXian Yu HongLu 9Hao ( Jin HaiXianCheng ), Tianjin, China
温州城服装批发中心, 环线育红路9(近海鲜城)


Wang Ding Di Aquatic Products Wholesale Market

If you are searching for Aquatic Products Deal it can be your final search . Very popular with nice outcome aquatic product whole sale market in Tianjin .
Address – WangDingDi, Tianjin, China

New Hardware City Market

Tianjin opened a new hardware market in Miyunlu , where you can find lot of stores which deals for hardware .
Address – MiYunLu ( Jin MiYunYiZhiLu ), Tianjin, China
新五金城, 密云路(近密云一支路)

Foreign Trade Clothing Made By The Log Base Market

Address – DaGuNanLu Deng Fa ZhuangShi JiDi DiXia ( Jin TuCheng DiTieZhan ),Tianjin, China
        发外贸服装基地, 大沽南路登发装饰基地地下(近土城地铁站)